We are just a couple of tree planters who share...

An appreciation for the earth and all its wonders  

   A desire to inspire through shared art

A concern for locally made, ethical clothing

A wish for self expression and freedom of choice

                                                      An ambition for self reliance and self employment                     

                    An intention to promote sustainability and connectedness


Cody is an artist of all trades. His passions include graphic design and sustainable building, but his emphasis has always been on photography.  Cody wanted to find a way to share his art with a broader audience, including those who don't buy prints. Sublimating his images on clothing allowed people to not only see them, but to wear them!

After designing a trial pair of Turkish Delight tights, inspired by the turkeys on his family farm in BC, it was on! So Tight was born and with it the 'Liberate your Legs' movement.


Ashley spent years devoting her energy and attention to supervising in forestry, and was yearning for a creative outlet.  With limited time to explore her artistic direction, she had always expressed herself through her wardrobe. A clothing fanatic with an unrelenting attention to detail, Ashley is delighted to finally be working in her element. She adjusts and perfects design placements to make sure you look your best in your tights. 

Creating wearable art that honours the fascinating world in which we thrive, is fulfilling and compelling for both Cody and Ashley.


At the end of the day, our leggings are fun. They are bright, tight and right for anyone, male or female, young or old. They are durable for workouts, comfortable for lounging, and eye candy for the dance floor. Oh yeah, and did we mention that they're black light reactive?! You might choose your So Tights for what they represent, or for how they make you feel. Either way, there is much to celebrate!