Brad Rhadwood

“Sometimes I begin the conversation with an idea or intention, sometimes the wood does all the talking.  Letting the wood speak is equally as important (usually more) then anything I have to say."

Vancouver based artist, Brad Rhadwood salvages wood of all nature transforming them into beautiful artworks, installations, furniture, jewelry and sometimes even bonfires.

Through his process aka The Way of the Wood, Brad gives each piece a new life and hopefully a new home. In one medium, he uses the naturally occurring knots found in the wood to be the eyes of an array of whimsical woodland creatures, reporpoised sea life, or other funny/weird but always interesting and original works of art.

Knots are the beginning to every piece. His light down the rabbit hole, the key to a magical garden.

When “Bradwood” is not lost in the woods he can be found teaching arts and crafts to the kids of Saint James Music Academy, a non-profit that helps bring music and art education to the Downtown Eastside community, which he is a part of.

He loves a wood pun and his work proves it, relentlessly and sometimes to a fault. But woodever the season, it’s all wood. Just relax and may the forest be with yew!

Apparel by Rhadwood