Legs of a Feather

Legs of a Feather


These beautiful feathers are found on a breed of chicken with the unfortunate name of “Dorking”.


But don’t let the name throw you off; these chickens are one of the oldest known English breeds, dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. It became the premier breed in the country in the 19th century because of its impressive appearance and the excellent quality of its award winning meat and eggs.


The Britt’s love the Dorks so much that they named a town after it, Dorking UK, and erected a 10-foot tall metal statue of the bird in their downtown core. The town wrote a lengthy poem, “Ode to Dorking’s Own”, praising the wondrous creature. The town also sells commemorative Dorking tea towels and “I love Dorking” t-shirts.


This many Britt’s can’t be wrong, right?


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