Crev-Asses Capri

Crev-Asses Capri




As a glacier flows over terrain, the stress from longitudinal extension creates deep gullies through the ice. These gullies can be as deep as 45 meters and up to several hundred meters long. This is the Salmon Glacier which is located 25 km north of Stewart, BC and Hyder, Alaska just on the Canadian side of the border. It is the fifth largest glacier in North America and flows over 16km to be reborn into the mighty Salmon River, a place where many bears gather to fish for salmon.


Crevasses can be extremely hazardous to mountaineers trying to navigate their way through the ice fields.


A WARNING TO WEARERS OF CREV-ASSES TIGHTS: You will become extremely hazardous to vehicular traffic trying to keep their eyes on the road.  

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