Buzz Kill Capri

Buzz Kill Capri


5% of every purchase is donated to Planet Bee Foundation, a tribalizing non-profit with a mighty green mission:


To produce the next generation of environmental stewards. They provide people with the skills they need to help the honeybee endure, so it can do the job nature intended it to do – pollinate the world’s food crops.


Rainbows are part of the myths of many cultures around the world but perhaps the most famous piece of mythology surrounding rainbows is the Irish legend of the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The gold is guarded by a tricky leprechaun, but because no one sees the same rainbow and rainbows don’t “end” (they’re circles) — no one ever finds the gold or the magical creature.


But don’t be discouraged, who knows where these tights might lead you!

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