Cody Puckett

Once upon a time Cody began taking photos as a way to capture moments in ways his terrible memory could not. What began as commemoration, over time transpired into a creative hobby.

Travelling abroad fuelled this passion, and Cody’s appreciation for the world at large and experiencing nature in its rawest form helped him to refine his art. His fascination with our wild untouched spaces and an aptitude for light manipulation continue to fuel his passion.

Cody’s journey has also endeared him to festival photography, where he has a natural ability to encapsulate the vibes and energy of such gatherings. Puckett is currently delving into fine art photography in a more specific and premeditative way, as he transfers his art onto clothing.

This process has given him a whole new perspective, as he was obsessively chasing massive sunsets and endless vistas - the bigger picture. Since delving into the wearable art world, his scope has shifted to include the more minute details in life such as the structure of rock formations, or the intricate detail of a birds wing. 

So Tight Apparel is a way to showcase his photography, design, and entrepreneurialism.