The Ultimate Durability Test


This past spring, we decided to put our tights to the ultimate durability test. We wore our tights for a full season of tree planting in British Columbia's interior. 

For those of you who have never had the honour of trudging around through a cut block all day, let me tell you; it's probably not how you picture it. All day long you ninja your way over, under and across an endless sea of broken logs, branches and other debris left in the destructive path of the logging equipment. 

To say the least, your clothing, boots and skin don't stand a chance....

Day in and day out we slogged through the bush, waiting for the day that the tights were going to rip to shreds, but that day never came. Fellow planters were going through a pair of leggings a shift, but our tights withstood the test. 

No rips, no tears!

So don't be afraid to get your tights dirty. If they can handle a season in the bush, 

they can handle all of your shenanigans!

So Tight