Men in Tights

News Flash: Tights look great on everyone!

This summer we hit the festival circuit hard and were very pleased to discover that it's finally acceptable for dudes to rock tights. One fine day at Bass Coast, we sold more tights to men than to women. 

Just take it from Kaiser, a fashion correspondent with Betty and Kora:

"People are getting more comfortable with their bodies and fashion is getting less and less gender specific. Underwear, outerwear, women’s, men’s, who cares really- everyone looks great in tights! Guys included. Bowie and Jagger can’t be wrong, men in tights are sexy as f***! 
The guys in tights phenomena is all part of a bigger trend of throwing gender norms out the window at festivals, and wearing whatever makes YOU feel amazing and outside of your every day reality."


So guys, don't be afraid - Liberate your legs! 

So Tight