A love affair with MoodHoops


Some of our wildest tights involve a collaboration with the ever innovative MoodHoops crew, crafters of the beautiful LED hoops and props. Their popular 'FutureHoop' creates endless mesmerizing patterns and images that morph before your very eyes. 


One night, while a talented friend was dancing with one such hoop, Cody was compelled to grab his camera and capture the magic. He took photo after photo, each one more crazy than the last. The colours and patterns were epic, and when the time came, the idea to transfer such images onto tights was a no brainer. The blacklight reactive quality of So Tight leggings can even make it seem as if your legs are glowing as much as your hoop!


Hoop Dreams were the first pair we tried and they remain a fan favorite to this day! Mucho gratitude for MoodHoops and their limitless inspiration. 


Check out all of their amazing creations here:

So Tight