On the Road

We had a dream.


Or… make that two dreams. One was to bring our radical tights to the people. Secondly, we wanted to cut down on tree planting. This drove us to plan a summer of vending on the road. 


It’s true that deep down we love the dirty grind that is tree planting - the sights and sounds of the block, the aching muscles after a day of intense cardio, the well deserved beers around a bonfire, and the lifelong bonds formed from sharing such a raw experience together. 


However, the idea of travelling around to share our artistic tights with likeminded people at some of the most amazing festivals in the world triumphed yet another summer of mosquitos, tendonitis, and heatstroke.



We were thrilled to have locked down vendor spots at four major Canadian festivals: Astral Harvest (Northern AB), Bass Coast (Merritt, BC), Motion Notion (Golden, BC), and Shambhala (Salmo, BC). We cut our planting season short (yes, we still put in some trees...) and set aside a solid two weeks to stock our inventory, perfect our vendor setup, ready our van/trailer combo, and prepare our minds for what was sure to be both a great and gruelling summer.


Aside from exhaustion, poor hygiene, sporadic meals, and occasional FOMO (Fear of missing out), we loved the festival vending.  Experiencing any amount of these mind-altering festivals is euphoric, and to have the added pleasure of sharing something we created with the masses was nothing short of blissful. 



We thank Astral Harvest for taking our vending virginity in such a vibing environment. To Bass Coast, we were blown away by the gender neutral enthusiasm for our tights, the creatively nurturing atmosphere, and unparalleled positive energy.  Motion Notion, while we were too exhausted at this point to make a notion to motion, we were charged by your mountain views, relentless rain, and the best show of northern lights we’ve ever seen (which made it onto a pair of tights…) And Shambhala, Oh Shambhalove, your dialled party and foot traffic managed to keep us on our toes all weekend. 

We are so grateful to all the festivals that gave us a booth and a chance to spread the Liberate Your Legs movement. Huge thanks to all of our friends that helped us along the way, and to all the beauts who stopped by, supported us, and made us smile.

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